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Make money by selling WpZen to your customers. Save time knowing they are in good hands, 24/7.

At WpZen, we love to
collaborate with
agencies and freelancers.

POV: You’re racing to deliver that project you’re so proud of. Your monthly salary depends entirely on this work. At some point the phone rings: it’s that client you did the website two years ago, and he calls angry that the website isn’t working, that it’s slow, that it has malware.

So you have to go into emergency mode, drop your creativity, and try to take action.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone did that for you?

What if it allowed you to earn extra money, sleeping easy and dedicating your time to the projects you care about?

That's why more and more agencies and freelancers around the world are relying on WpZen.

Our decades of experience with WordPress allow us to anticipate most site issues, take care of performance and stability, and intervene immediately in case of problems.

When we collaborate with agencies and freelancers, we give them the space for design and creativity and then delegate to us the most troublesome phase: maintenance.

Here's why you should consider
our Partner programs:

Referral Program

If you don’t do website development often, have few clients, or just want to forget about the existence of a site or client altogether while continuing to make money every month, our referral program is made just for you.

Referrals receive 25% of the WpZen fee paid by the customers they refer, forever.
The plan is very simple. Here’s how it works:
  1. You refer a customer to us who purchases WpZen.
  2. Periodically we’ll pay you 20% of what your customer collects.

Reseller Program

Our Reseller Plan is the ideal plan if you want to remain your customer’s point of contact.
We will perform all communications through you. Billing will go through you. You will be able to charge your customers as you see fit.

You will receive an increasing discount on WpZen based on the number of subscriptions you activate:
  . from 1 to 4 activations: 20% discount
  . from 5 to 9 activations: 25% discount
  . from 10 activations: 30% discount

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